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On Converting from Angular 1 to Angular 2

Dear diary (blog) – I’ve neglected you. Its been over 2.5 years. I see you haven’t changed – still patiently waiting (along with my unused dental floss, stack of possible junk mail, to-read articles, holiday cards to respond to…) Habits … Continue reading

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Medical Informatics and Godel, Escher, Bach

In college I read (about half of) Godel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter.  I understood less than 50% of what I read, and remember little now.  But I remember the challenge of trying to understand the “interweaving” of mathematics, art … Continue reading

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Corel to Illustrator Conversion in Visual Studio C#

I am no artist and so Clipart is my friend. But I have had difficulty finding as great of clipart libraries, as that of the original Corel Draw Gallery and the Corel Gallery 1 Million. I have not used Corel … Continue reading

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Asp.Net MVC, Entity Framework, Unit Testing, Mocks and Microsoft

C#, Visual Studio, Linq/Lambda, Silverlight/WPF, mvc – These are home turf for me.  I feel comfortable with the technologies.  As I wonder what Microsoft has in store for these (rumors abound about their demise), I can not see easy alternatives.  … Continue reading

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Coding for Codes

In primary care, we spend the majority of time on prevention (primary, secondary and tertiary) intermixed with acute illness.  The pace is furious and staying up on this aspect of medicine, backed by evidence, can be all absorbing.  Therefore, although practices vary, … Continue reading

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Visual Studio, Testing, XLinq and Html Generation

My fpnotebook site is compiled from a plain text database into html.  The database started on a handheld HP 200lx (great device) and I would export the data, import into Access and run various versions of code to generate the html.  … Continue reading

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CMS Evaluations and Drupal

After evaluating the various CMS systems (Drupal, Joomla, DotNetNuke, Orchard as well as WordPress and MediaWiki), I chose Drupal.  Install was very fast (thanks to the web platform installer).  Unfortunately, the version in the platform installer is from January, and although the … Continue reading

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