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NDC Minnesota

I have for sometime been working on implementing federated sign in with Identity Server in core.  I have found this challenging, but my project has slowly been coming together.  The Identity Server documentation and github samples are excellent, as … Continue reading

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Redirecting URLS to HTTPS and Non-WWW

Behemoth tech companies have a way of stimulating change, in some cases for the better.  Flash saw its early end, when Apple would not allow Flash to run on IOS. In March of 2018, which is now only a week … Continue reading

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Solution: Entity Framework Core and Net Core Class Libraries 2.0

First, to WordPress – thanks for letting me blog for free here, but your formatting of programming code truly is awful and the WYSIWYG to html translation corrupts pasted code easily.  There are plugins that fix your inadequacies, WordPress, but  … Continue reading

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Batteries Not Included

I have been coding in Microsoft editors since the early 90s, after I left Borland’s Turbo Pascal.  I liked that Microsoft frameworks did not require re-creating the wheel for each project; the base components were quite functional.  Early on, it … Continue reading

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Pecked to Death by Small Bills… and other random thoughts

Software as a service (Saas) has a way of eroding the checkbook (for those under age 20, this is a bound pad of checks that you would pay bills with).   Honestly, everything as a service (Pluralsight/Lynda, Azure, Appstores, Cloud storage, … Continue reading

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Working Identity

In my last blog entry, I reviewed the ups and downs (mostly downs) of trying to get a federated identity server (federated login) to work using core identity with identity server.  Both frameworks ( core and Identity Server) are … Continue reading

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IdentityServer 4 + core 2 = Take 2

For the last year, I have been trying (off and on) to get up and running with an identity solution.  Since the main server technology I use is core, Identity Server is a natural choice.  Since I don’t want … Continue reading

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