Alice in Wonder Server

Everything is more complicated.   Monthly, I log the changes in medicine, and change some of the same topics over and over again.  Cardiac arrest, for example,  has been honed from a cocktail of medications to high quality chest compressions and early defibrillation.

On the programming side there are the pain points with core and angular 2. But nowhere am I confused more than in server management.   When divided into overall categories (basic configuration, users and group policies, IIS), and taught in tidy lectures on the web, it seems to make sense.  But then seemingly simple things break, and despite all those lectures, I cannot solve the most basic of server issues.  I would be lost without  Rackspace support.

So, I have tried to improve the situation and make server admin less of an Alice in Wonderland experience.  Pluralsight does have hands-on courses in server management.  I have started working through some of these (e.g. this and this).

These courses too have their frustrations, and I’m logging my fixes for problems I ran across while completing the windows server with powershell course.

  • VMWare Player is free for non-commercial use and works well for these courses
  • Microsoft windows server evaluation ISOs are available for 3-6 month trials
    • Download the ISO for Windows Server 2012 R2, and use Datacenter with GUI
    • Download the ISO for Windows 10 Enterprise
  • On installing VMWare Virtual Machines
    • Choose will select ISO later (otherwise requires a MS product key)
    • Leave the VM directories as default (too hard to change)
    • Once Server is installed, install VMWare Tools
      • Change VM Settings CD/DVD from ISO file to autodetect
      • When small notification appears “Select what to do…”  Click
  • Connections between VM servers has several hiccoughs
    • Turn off Norton firewall when making the initial connection
    • In VM Settings, change Network Adapter from NAT to Bridged (Automatic)
      • Powershell update-help seems to need NAT to work
  • Specific to the Windows Server with Powershell Course
    • In Chapter 1, Demo: Configure DC1
      • Server Administrator login username is Administrator
      • When adding AD users, credentials = administrator@wiredbrain.priv
      • These same AD credential username (email) is used in Chapter 2
        • Add-Computer -DomainName wiredbrain.priv
        • Enter-PSSession
    • In Chapter 2, Demo: Enabling Remote Management was painful
      • Get-DhcpServer4Lease did not work from Client1 (but worked on DC1)
      • Took hours to get “Enter-PSSession”
        • Used the administrator@wiredbrain.priv for username
        • Disable firewall
        • DC1 and Client1 VM Network router set to Bridged
        • Set WinRM Service to Automatic and Start
  • Other Issues
    • VM domain seems to interfere with the house network including internet
      • Power off the VMs when not in use



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