IIS and the Event Log

The event log has a series of errors that I’m trying to work out.  Here are some assorted notes:

Rackspace was very helpful and recommended I tackle the WAS errors which are coming from the the asp.net clr.  But I can see no details.  I am offered the chance to open JIT compiler in Visual Studio – but I do not have VS installed on the server (need to turn off server-side debugging in web.config).  Noted that sChannel errors can often be ignored unless tied to other specific events at same time.    Recommended looking at Event Viewer Security for repeated failed login attempts (hack attempts).

Recommended using the event viewer log to isolate error times, and then review the IIS logs for errors at that time.   Also recommended failed request trace.

They also recommended decreasing my Appool recycle time (RegularTimeInterval in minutes) to about 12 hours (720 min) from the default of 29 hours (1740 min), and to   Reboot server monthly.

No recommendations for any good log analyzers, but I found the log parser which allows for sql statement queries on the log files via a console app or powershell.  There is also a Log Parser Studio which adds a GUI.  An example query: SELECT * FROM ‘[LOGFILEPATH]’ where time >=’11:58:00′ and time <= ’12:00:00′.   The LogFilePath is set before as a single file or collection of files.  Analysis can be for any number of file types from IISW3CLOG to csv files.

There is also Debug Diagnostic Tool which apparently takes some set-up. Have not tried this yet.  It apparently helps troubleshoot hangs, slow performance, memory leaks…  There is a summary on the basics of setting up debugging.

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