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Testing 1,2,3 in core

Setting up testing in core 1.1 is not intuitive.  The tooling including the cli, has not yet caught up to the current version. In addition, a google search for mocking patterns (esp. entityframework) will lead astray. Check global.json for … Continue reading

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IIS and the Event Log

The event log has a series of errors that I’m trying to work out.  Here are some assorted notes: Rackspace was very helpful and recommended I tackle the WAS errors which are coming from the the clr.  But I … Continue reading

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Identity and the Client

Login has always seemed like an after thought.  As a solo developer, projects grow from shiny new, interesting features and technologies.  Identity, authentication (logon) and authorization (roles) are tacked on later.  Identity is boring. Yet identity seems to be the critical foundation … Continue reading

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