C# Scripting

C# is my favorite coding language.  It seems crazy to master another language (e.g. Python, Powershell) just to write single file scripts for isolated tasks.    I can get by in these other languages (with the help of stack overflow and google), but scripting in C# would be so much faster and easier. And now C# scripting works very well within Visual Studio Code (with some set-up).

Step 1: Install ScriptCS

Step 2: Install SVM

Step 3: In Visual Studio Code, install the extensions: C# for Visual Studio Code (omnisharp) and ScriptCSRunner.  Enable the extensions.

Step 4: Bug workaround until asp.net core version of Omnisharp  C# supports scripting.  See here

Step 5: Reboot the machine.  Pick a file folder and start VS Code.  Create an empty project.json file containing only: {}.   Create a C# script file with CSX extension.  Type C# code and run it with Ctrl-Shift R.  Select a few lines and run just those with Ctrl-Shift-R.  Instructions are here.


So far, importing C# libraries into C# script files while working in VS code is the only problem I’ve run across, and as yet, is unsolved.

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