September 2013 Fpnotebook Updates

I started work with atmoapps (programmers of the Tarascon mobile app) on native mobile app versions of fpnotebook.  These are planned for release in the first quarter of 2014.  To allow for a more automated demonstration of highlights from site updates, I am creating a new topic in fpnotebook “fpnotebook updates” which will appear in late October.  


It was a busy month of reading (about 40 hours on 20 review articles), but here are the highlights.  Intensively updated the airway chapter: based on attending Dr. Levitan’s Practical Airway course in Baltimore, MD.  Great course.  


Was surprised at how little I remembered about Pituitary Adenomas.  Updated at


Also updated the hernia section at based on Critical Decisions in Emergency Medicine.


September Em:Rap was as usual chock full of new information, but pediatric cardiology was particularly an intense listen/read:

Crashing Newborn:

Congenital heart disease:


Prescriber’s Letter had various medication precautions (Ketoconazole, Mefloquine, Plavix after CVA) and possible risks (more hype than data) regarding amlodipine and fish oil.


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