FPNotebook Update Highlights – August 2013

A few highlights from my August reading:
Tourniquets and Topical hemostatic agents from August 2013 Critical Decisions in Emergency Medicine (both links have the reference).

I do not see much in the way of massive uncontrolled bleeding, but better to read this now and store it away for some future date when I will be glad I read it. Topical hemostatic agents are not mainstream outside of the military, but would be great to have this around (wonder what the cost is? shelf life?)

Hypocalcemia, Hypercalcemia and Hyperparathyroidism from Parathyroid disorders in AFP.

How often I skip over the abnormal serum calcium, noting “need to come back to that” as I’m reviewing the metabolic panel. Nice algorithms in this paper for systematic approaches.

Finally, I never really thought about the acidity of IV fluids, but Scott Weingart of the EMCrit blog describes this on EM:Rap this month.
Here is my summary of what he said: Crystalloid acidity

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