FPNotebook Update Highlights – A New Series

I started taking medical notes on a handheld device (HP200LX) in 1994-1995, during my residency intern year. Throughout residency I took notes on everything: seminars, CMEs, rotation cheat-sheets, guidelines, articles, clinical pearls, books. By 1998, I created the fpnotebook website with these notes, primarily so I could access my own notes from anywhere. By 2001, I had a process to systematically update and reference the website. Since that time I have had a core set of review journals to read monthly in addition to CME conferences (IM/FP core, specialty, procedures), courses, certifications (ATLS, ACLS. PALS or APLS, NRP…).

To keep the site updated I spend ~40 hours/month reading a set of ~20 core medical articles in primary care, emergency medicine and pharmacy. I continue to attend as many as 4-5 CME conferences annually. The second half of each month is typically spent on 1-2 programming projects for web/mobile/desktop to either enhance the fpnotebook site functionality, or to write adjunctive software.

This month I am starting a new feature: monthly highlights from my medical reading/research. In this series I’ll try to point out some articles I found particularly interesting, counter-intuitive or just good reviews.

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