CMS evaluations continued

I spent about 7 hours total – installing and
trying out the various CMS systems (Drupal, Joomla, Orchard, DNN, umbraco..).   I initially crashed my own web server and did all my further
testing on my home computer.  Microsoft’s Web Platform Installer was phenomenal. It made these installations trivial.
I really wanted one of the systems to work, but in all honesty, I liked Drupal the best.   Many online reviews have found the same.  This was a gestalt sense.   I really do not have time to fully create and theme 5 test websites.  I was going for intuitive interface, out-of-box functionality and ease of install.  if this was blog only I might choose WordPress.  If wiki, I would go with mediwiki (wikipedia’s engine).  In a few years, Orchard might be mature, but for now Drupal is my choice.
I did get 2 errors on drupal’s update in running the database update script.  I’ll need to look more into this.   
 I am going to try to install Drupal on my Windows Server in the next few days (hopefully without crashing it).
My recommendation now is:
Content management system: Drupal
Custom dynamic solutions: pages that are linked from the Drupal CMS.  These pages can be themed to look like the Drupal site by a designer.
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