Content Management Systems

This morning I started to explore content management systems for authoring patient information.

Two key categories – PHP or

I feel comfortable with  Authoring in Visual Studio, working with SQL Server, coding in c# – this is my preference.  Two options for that stand out: DotNetNuke (well established, but uses older web forms technology) and Orchard (newer, less functionality, but uses mvc and razor).

PHP is uncharted territory for me and would have a steep learning curve.  I am looking at Drupal and Joomla.

Spent part of last evening installing mysql and trying to get settings to work on the server for Drupal.  This morning, I tried to install Orchard on my live server (not a good idea) using the web platform installer and suddenly 404 errors were happening on my fpnotebook site.  Thanks to rackspace who alerted me within minutes.  Uninstalled Orchard and now I’m working on my home system for testing.

So far Orchard install on home system is working.  Linking to other pages and navigation set-up is not intuitive.

Orchard set-up lead me to a Blog set-up using LiveWriter which then lead me to setting up this WordPress site.   I can also use liver writer to publish to orchard in the same way – but this is not on line, but an idea for future – maybe individual docs having their own blog.

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